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  /  The Judges
A distinguished panel of experts


The 30-member panel for the awards program includes acclaimed international or local entrepreneurs, bankers, academics and professionals from different financial sectors. The majority of the judges has been contributing to the Business Awards since 2013.
Honour Commission Members
Advisory Board
Judging Panel Members
Jack So Yuk-Chow

UMAC Faculty of Business Administration
Rui Cunha

Rui Cunha Foundation
Larry So Man Yum

IPM Former Teacher
Anabela Ritchie

Former President of the Legislative Assembly
João Francisco Pinto

TDM - Teledifusão de Macau
João Rodrigues Monteiro

GEP-Project Managers
Kevin Ho King Lun

Anzac Group Company Limited
Mary Ho

McDonald’s Macau
António Félix Pontes

the Macau Institute of Financial Services
José I. Duarte

University of Macau Lecturer
Rutger Verschuren

Shun Tak Holdings
James Chu Cheok Son

Macau Designers Association
Bruno Ascenção

Private Lawyer
Albano Martins

Nam Van Development Company
Lau Pak Hung

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp.
Paulo A. Azevedo

Project Asia Corp.
Filipe Cunha Santos

Directel Macau
Alice Costa

First Instance Court of Macau
Pedro Cortés

Private Lawyer
Manuela António

Private Lawyer
Vong Kok Seng

Macau Chamber of Commerce
Terry Sio

Rainbow Group
Paul Tse

Golden Crown Development
Agnes Lam

Member of the Legislative Assembly
Melina Leong

Public Relations Consultant
Carlos Marreiros

President of Albergue SCM