For the past few years, different sectors of Macau society have been pointing to our media group, the necessity to recognise the Excellency and Entrepreneurship within the local Business Community. De Ficção Multimedia Projects and Charity Association of Macau Business Readers feel that the time has arrived to organise such an important event… With steady year-on-year growth both in terms of local and international circulation and market penetration – of all our publications, we are also strongly convinced it is time to host such an event.

Finalists and winners will be featured in the Business Awards of the Year Magazine and will have great exposure in our two business magazines – Macau Business and Business Intelligence – and in Business Daily newspaper. The Awards also has the support of a strong list of media partners. The project is being produced by Signature Events, a premium events management company, part of Project Asia Corporation.

De Ficção Multimedia Projects is the leading media group in Macau, with publications in the areas of economics and business. De Ficção is independently owned and publishes the only two business magazines and business newspaper printed in Macau – Macau Business (in English), Business Intelligence (in traditional Chinese) and Macau News Agency (in English). With thirteen years of experience under its belt, De Ficção has achieved an immense market credibility, penetration and continuous growth: both in terms of circulation and reach. The magazines and newspaper enjoy genuine interest not only from the local market but also from foreign and mainland tourists and investors, as well as with regional and international subscribers – which are increasing at a remarkable rate every month.

The main goal of the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers is to add quality of life to readers and supporters of Macau Business publications and to promote solidarity, social relations, including, cultural, artistic, sportive and recreational events. It also contributes to improve the local reading rate, mainly among the younger generations.