About the Awards

Launched 5 years ago, the Business Awards of Macau continue rewarding achievements and cultivating new talent across all industries. It brings the who’s who of Macau’s business community, individuals and corporations who have demonstrated strong commitment and determination to drive the city expansion forward. In its 5th year, the Business Awards has reached a certain maturity and it is already an important part of the business community annual agenda. Local companies and professionals from different industries use the awards gala ceremony as a platform to share publicly their annual achievements and incite essential values like social responsibility and environmental care.

With 11 categories, candidates can align their message and objectives with the award title of their choice; from Most Valuable Brand or Leading by Example, to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Business Awards of Macau aims to continue growing as one of the main recognition programs in the region, which shows a different aspect of Macau’s progress.